New for 2015

D7: Control Daylight

  • Precision Control
  • Versatility to transform the light
  • Daylight Source like a 200W HMI
  • No heat
  • No UV
  • Zooms 11º-70º

New Extreme LED Panel

  • Brighter than a 575W HMI
  • Smaller than 1×1 LED panel
  • Costs less than tungsten
  • 11º Spot like a Par
  • Soft with 3×4′ Chimera

1K LED Bulb

  • Re-Lamp Your 1K Fresnel in 10 Seconds.
  • No Heat.
  • Daylight or Tungsten
  • Brighter Than the 1K Halogen Lamp.
  • Works on Your Existing Dimmers.

Hexolux Users

Hexolux users love their lights!

A very special thanks to Ian Boyd & Reel Fresh for sharing such appreciation for our efforts to provide great lighting gear!