Revive Your Studio

The LED Fresnel Solution

  • Ultra-High Quality: 98CRI – matches Tungsten or Daylight without correction
  • Less than half the cost of any other LED studio solution.
  • No Down-Time, upgrade your studio from Halogen to LED overnight
  • Brighter: 150W LED is brighter than a 1000W Halogen
  • Full-range dimming on your existing AC Dimmers – without color shift!
  • Flicker-Free at any frame-rate
  • Safe: no burns, no gloves, no fire hazard, does not explode like Halogen
  • No heat on subject or talent
  • Green: Easiest way to make your business sustainable.
  • Reliable: Fully self-protected for a very long life, ongoing warranty available.
  • ROI: A typical TV studio saves thousands in the first year!

Optional Fresnel Lens Upgrade:

Aspheric Diffractive Plano Convex Lens Design

Much brighter than the old glass lens, and projects a beautifully uniform light field.

Beam Angle Focusing Range: 15º – 70º

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Give your studio superpowers!

Get a Free Demo Unit Now:

  • Remove the Halogen lamp.

  • Insert the LED Lamp.

  • Its just a lamp change!

Daylight LED Fresnels at Full-Spot at 10ft:

EGT LED 150W Lamp in legacy Fresnel: 580FC
Mole™ 200w LED Fresnel 450FC (published data)
Mole™ 150w LED Fresnel 380FC (published data)

Optional Lens Upgrade:

Get even more light out of your old 1K instrument.
A much more even and usable light field.
Greater focusing range.


New EGT LED simply plugs in.
Exactly the same as the old EGT halogen lamp.
A one-second upgrade.


Focusing same as before.
With optional lens upgrade,
the focus is an even greater range.

Comparison of 1000W Halogen to 150W NLYTN LED, can you determine which is which? (click tabs above)

Technical Specifications
Directly ReplacesEGT 1000W Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Mounting BaseG22 – Medium Bi-Post Base
Power150W / 1.2A
Accepts 95-150V (240V version coming in September)
DimmingFull range dimming on your existing dimmers.
Color QualityDaylight Version: 95 CRI / 96 CQS / 96 TLCI
Tungsten Version: 98 CRI / 97 CQS / 98 TLCI
Flicker FreeAlways