30 Years

In Business

Visionsmith was founded in 1987 as a production studio. We have been making lights since 2012. To express our trust in our products and engender your trust in them, we offer these warranties and guarantees.

Our pledge is that by trying out our technology-leading products, you are taking no risk, but you are stepping into a whole new world of lighting. 

30 Day Returns

Satisfaction Guarantee

You can return anything you order within 30 days for a full refund less shipping and bank fees, unless the item has been abused.

24 month USA Warranty

During the first two years, if anything fails from normal use (not abuse), we repair your unit with no extra cost to you.

Extended Warranty

After the Warranty expires: for $95 per year, if anything fails, we repair your unit with no extra cost to you.

50,000 hours - LED Upgrades


Our LEDs are expected to last for 50,000 hours. Still, if you want to swap or upgrade, we make it available and affordable.

Free Shipping

Orders over $99 shipped UPS ground within the continental U.S.A. pay no shipping.