Xum 7 Inch LED Fresnel

  • Brighter than a 1K Tungsten or a 200W HMI

  • Cool to the touch

  • Ultra Lightweight

  • Quick to setup, adjust, and breakdown

Fast, Versatile and Precise.

The Hexolux system was designed to be speedy, versatile, and precise for professional light control. The result is as much light as you need, exactly where you need it, behaving in just the way you like. It’s an ultra light-weight, compact, all-aluminum design with a brightness greater than a 1000w Tungsten or a 300w HMI.

Working without the intense heat of Halogen appreciably changes the mood on set: there’s no risk of igniting curtains, carpet, or exotic birds. It’s easy to rig at 8 pounds, with a removable power supply which can be used as a counter balance on a boom.

The 7 Inch zoom lens has a very wide range from 11º to 70º. Soft boxes and universal 7-3/4″ speed rings are supported.

The Xum 7 is completely interchangeable and compatible with the entire Hexolux line.

Xum 7 Inch LED Fresnel Features:

  • Purest spectrum CineWhite™ High CRI Daylight LED
  • Absolutely flicker-free at any frame rate – ideal for high speed
  • World power supply – AC power anywhere, or use batteries.
  • Wide zoom range Super Fresnel 11º-70º – with Tilt-Shift
  • Constructed of ultra rugged aluminum for very long life
  • DMX dimming, in and thru
  • Runs cool
  • Only 6 lbs – far lighter than any comparable light source.
  • Extreme versatility to create any type of light, from super soft to ultra hard.
  • Brighter than a 300w HMI or a 1000w Tungsten

Tilt-Shift Lens

The Xum 7 lens can tilt to cast a light field with a gradient: light a green-screen or group of people from the side with uniform illumination, or work with another dimension of fine tuning when lighting for movement. Achieve the effect of a much larger light placed further away. Big light has never come in such a small package.


  • Zooming fresnels
  • Super-soft lights with umbrellas or softboxes
  • Boom mounted back-lights
  • Patterns and breakups
  • China balls
  • Tessellated light banks
  • and many others…

We recommend BlueShape batteries.

XUM 7 Inch LED Fresnel Technical Specifications

Color Temperature 5300K/3200K
Dimmer Onboard and DMX
Calibrated Dimming F-Stops and Percentage (log/lin)
Power Acceptance AC world, DC 11v-25v
Power Consumption 150W AC, 125W DC
Color Rendering 94-98 CRI
Luminous Flux 12000lm
Beam Angle through 5″ Zoom Fresnel 11-70 degrees
Battery Mount (Optional) V type 14.8v (Gold Mount available)
Outer Dimensions 10x10x14 inches
Weight 6.5 lb.