Please contact us with any questions or known compatibility or incompatibility.

YES = best choice and performance.
ok = it fits, but there is a brighter choice.

ReLamp Units  Super Lens Available 300 650 BabyBaby 1K Studio 1K 2K Studio 2k 2.5K
Replacing Halogen FKW FRK EGN EGR EGT CYV CYX CP-94
Socket GY9.5 GY9.5 G22 G22 G22 G38 G38 G38
Arri 300 Plus YES
Arri 650 Plus ok YES
Arri 1K Plus YES SL06 ok YES
Arri T1 YES SL06 ok YES
Arri ST1 ok ok YES
Arri T2  YES SL07 YES
Arri ST2 ok YES
Arri Studio 2000 ok YES
Quartz Colour 1K YES
Desisti 1K YES SL06  ok YES
Desisti 2K yes YES
Strand Caster Yes YES
Mole Baby Baby YES
Mole Baby YES SL06 ok ok YES
Mole Baby Junior YES SL06 YES
Mole Junior YES SL10 ok YES
Mole Studio Junior YES ok YES
Any 5K Fresnel YES, SL12″ YES

All other Fresnels = ReLamp fits most fresnels – please look at the “Replacing Halogen” row, and choose based on the Halogen bulb your light uses.
Sockets: ReLamp fits bi-post sockets. If you have a twist-lock socket, it is typically easy to buy a bi-post socket for your fixture and swap them out with a screw driver.