Post NAB Tweets

Exuberance from the Xum7 NAB experience keeps coming in…

“My biggest surprise last week in the desert, Hexolux and home grown in the Bay.”
“Check out these Cool Hexolux LED lights from NAB 2013,  for only 5 pounds…sounds almost too good to be true!”
“Solid products. Great people!”
“Really exciting products! Love the design”
“Awesome lighting.”
“loving these lights from hexolux.  The hexagon shape works so well when you add extra lights. Genius design” 
“The Perfect Light Weight Solution for 3D Indie Filmmakers!”
“Transformer LED Fresnel Lights. NAB 2013”
“I am amazed by the tech specs and the overall concept!”
“That is amazing. Gotta get me one of those!”
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