What is the Switch for?

S is Standard / Studio – it will calibrate the first time it is put into a fixture to set a fixed brightness for consistent studio work.

L is Light-Boost / Location – it will output max (about a 35% boost). As the heat builds up in the head it will reduce down to where Standard outputs. With LightBoost you can get far more light output than the size of the fixture normally allows. To maximize the LightBoost, you can dim the fixture down or turn it off between takes.

New technology allows studios to upgrade to daylight for 1/4 the cost.

NLYTN-EGTHexolux today announced the availability of its NLYTN EGT drop-in LED upgrade.

The $750 kit (single unit price) upgrades an existing Mole, Arri or Desisti 1 kilowatt halogen fresnel fixture to a high performance daylight color temperature LED instrument in 2 minutes.
The upgraded light draws only 150 watts and supports external legacy dimmers, requiring no change to infrastructure or workflow. It focuses from 15 to 60 degrees using the fixture’s existing mechanism with a Color Rendition Index of more than 93.
Spotted down, the light projects 580 foot-candles at 10 feet. This is 25% more light than a popular 200-watt purpose-built LED fresnel that is four times the installed cost and requires changes in infrastructure and workflow.
The kit consists of a diffractive optical element that replaces the glass lens and an LED module that replaces the EGT halogen bulb of the upgraded fresnel.
“This breakthrough in lighting comes about from leveraging the LED, optics, thermal management and power supply technologies we developed for our D7 multi-purpose field light.” said Pete Smith, Founder of Hexolux.

Epic Dragon Slowmo, Hexolux 7″ HMI Slowmo Test

Please check out this quick flicker-free slow-motion test by Russell Fill:

Hexolux at CineGear

Come visit and see our new lights! CineGear at Paramount Stage 31, booth S 238.

Hexolux at Cinegear



NAB: We’re at C846

Plus, you can find Hexolux lighting the demos at the RED runway show, i-movix high speed demo, and Red Reck Micro  One Man Crew demo.

The Beginning of the FAQ

Answering some questions:

Delivery time?
The RUG Special is 4week delivery. Contact us if you really need anything sooner. The discount is like the reverse of a ‘rush’ order and we are doing a special run of specifically what is in the kit, plus the units have a unique red backplate.

Do the barn doors and other accessories lock in?
Yes. There is a metal tab that slides out to lock them in. It is adjustable and can be locked in place for crazy rigging like upside-down on the front of a car.

Can you power with Anton Bauer style batteries?
Yes. We have gold-mount battery plates available.

Will Hexolux be at NAB?
Yes, we will announce details next week.

Longer D-Tap to Illuminator cable?
Yes, we will soon have a 10ft extension cable for the 4-pin XLR





NAB 2013 Video

This is the video that was on the home page for awhile. Gives an overview of the modular system.

Announcing the D7 and T7

Our new improved modular LED Fresnel!

Now available in Daylight or Tungsten.

This new version is the result of our year of beta testing. Now it is a maximum 150W draw on AC and a max of 125W draw on DC.

It runs on typical camera batteries, both V-mount and Gold Mount.

It includes a tilt-shift lens.