The Beginning of the FAQ

Answering some questions:

Delivery time?
The RUG Special is 4week delivery. Contact us if you really need anything sooner. The discount is like the reverse of a ‘rush’ order and we are doing a special run of specifically what is in the kit, plus the units have a unique red backplate.

Do the barn doors and other accessories lock in?
Yes. There is a metal tab that slides out to lock them in. It is adjustable and can be locked in place for crazy rigging like upside-down on the front of a car.

Can you power with Anton Bauer style batteries?
Yes. We have gold-mount battery plates available.

Will Hexolux be at NAB?
Yes, we will announce details next week.

Longer D-Tap to Illuminator cable?
Yes, we will soon have a 10ft extension cable for the 4-pin XLR





NAB 2013 Video

This is the video that was on the home page for awhile. Gives an overview of the modular system.