Hexolux: The Xum7 is shipping today as promised

Hexolux announced today an updated version of its game changing Xum7 LED Fresnel Lighting Instrument.

“We integrated the feedback received from early adopters to come up with what we think is the ultimate Lighting Instrument for this new era of digital cinematography.” said Pete Smith, Founder and CEO of Hexolux.

The Xum7 Version 2 now accepts standard off-the-shelf 7 3/4″ accessories such as barndoors gel-frames, snoots, etc..

In addition, the company developed a patent-pending system which allows you to literally slide an umbrella into the instrument, eliminating the need for extra brackets or fittings.

The patent-pending innovative Xoft – is a complete redesign of a Soft Box that lets you pop it up and drop it in like barn doors, eliminating the hassle of speed rings and bendy-rods.

The Xum7 is shipping now.



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