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Hexolux Xum7 Light

The Future of Lighting: Now

Hexolux: The Xum7 is shipping today as promised

Hexolux announced today an updated version of its game changing Xum7 LED Fresnel Lighting Instrument.

“We integrated the feedback received from early adopters to come up with what we think is the ultimate Lighting Instrument for this new era of digital cinematography.” said Pete Smith, Founder and CEO of Hexolux.

The Xum7 Version 2 now accepts standard off-the-shelf 7 3/4″ accessories such as barndoors gel-frames, snoots, etc..

In addition, the company developed a patent-pending system which allows you to literally slide an umbrella into the instrument, eliminating the need for extra brackets or fittings.

The patent-pending innovative Xoft – is a complete redesign of a Soft Box that lets you pop it up and drop it in like barn doors, eliminating the hassle of speed rings and bendy-rods.

The Xum7 is shipping now.


The ASC – The American Society of Cinematographers – New Products: Hexolux Xum7

Hexolux Illuminates Xum7 LED

Hexolux has unveiled the Xum7 (pronounced “zoom seven”) LED Fresnel. The hexagonal design of the Xum7 allows the fixture to function as a modular system; each Xum7 can be used individually, or multiple Xum7s can be mounted together as a “team” to create a large, seamless, bright source.

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Hexolux will be at Cine Gear Expo

Hexolux will be at Cine Gear Expo, Los Angeles, Booth S 321

Hexolux™ revolutionary LED Fresnels are the new industry leader with the highest efficiency, highest spectral quality and the highest return-on-investment in the industry. The Hexolux modular system combines innovative features including F-stop dimming™(a Digital Scrim™), flicker-free, super light-weight, CRI of 98, hand-held battery options, and wireless DMX control via iPhone/ Pad.  The Hexolux Xum7 was launched at NAB this year and instantly became a huge hit.
At Cine Gear 2013, Hexolux will introduce the highest CRI Daylight balanced LED Illuminator in the industry. Its an improvement on HMI in every way: efficiency, color rendering, flicker-free, light-weight, lower cost, no heat, modular to create any size source, DMX remote control, and more.  Hexolux will also show the Xum7 Indie, an affordable 80W version of the Xum7 Fresnel.  Look for Hexolux in the New Products section in the June issue of American Cinematographer.

Greg Moreland of Moreland Lighting brought his Spectrometer to the Hexolux booth at NAB to test the Xum7 and said,

“It is the best 3200k lamp I have measured here or anywhere else.”

Hexolux LED Fresnels are the ultimate studio and field lighting instruments.  They are designed to be the most efficient, most flexible, full spectrum, lightest-weight, and coolest running light instrument ever created. They out perform LED instruments costing much more.

The Hexolux Xum7 is an Instant Hit at NAB

The Hexolux Xum7 is an instant hit at NAB, becoming the favorite product of many attendees at the show.  The immediate response from both the public and the industry has been overwhelmingly exuberant.  With its unique and sporty design, the Xum7 is the anchor of a modular system, breaking free from the mold of standard light design. The comments have included “best innovation, best product, best design”,  “brilliant”, and “Hexolux should get best-of-show”. Others have said the Xum7 is “years ahead of its time” and “just way cool.”  The Hexolux system combines such innovative features as f-stop dimming, light weight, industry-leading efficiency, hand-held battery options, wireless DMX control via iPhone/ Pad, and a CRI of 98.

Hexolux has been featured in several interviews during the show.  Look for Hexolux in the New Products section in the June issue of American Cinematographer. Greg Mooreland of Mooreland Lighting brought his MK350 Spectrometer to the Hexolux booth to test the Xum7.

“The Xum7 is the best 3200k lamp I have measured here or anywhere else.” – Greg Mooreland, Mooreland Lighting.




Understanding Discontinuous Spectrum

Hexolux-CineWhite-TLCI-1244x569   Click here for article

“I asked eight companies selling LED lighting at NAB for TLCI data for their products. Of the eight, only one had heard of TLCI, although I notice that Hexolux has (very good) TLCI data on its website.” 

Let there be light at NAB!

“The evolution of lighting has seen in the last few years, taking us from heavy hot filament driven instruments to color balanced fluorescent to LED lights. Until now LEDs of work best in small intimate surroundings. Some larger systems have been starting to be seen. But now I discovered Hexolux  at NAB.

And I must tell you I was tremendously impressed. The system highlight is the flexibility. You can start with one lamp and add the second, third, fourth, fifth or as many as you need for your lighting demands. You can create anything that you need and with the specially designed Rella or the Xoft softbox,  you have an unlimited range of lighting supplies within your reach.”

Hexolux LED Fresnel Priced Just Right


On display at this year’s NAB show, the Hexolux Xum7 120 Watt LED Fresnel has a lot to offer, It offers more light output per watt, no heat on subject, silent operation, great color rendition, absolutely flicker free, and ultra light weight. And to bring many smiles for those waiting for a super-high performance LED Fresnel light, the Xum7 is only $1785.



Hexolux on Live TV

Hexolux on live TV from NAB.  Matt Allard talks to Pete Smith from Hexolux about their new LED lights that are focusable, stackable for a large bank of lights and have a high CRI rating that makes them behave like a regular tungsten light.

Hexolux Announces Very Competitive Pricing


Hexolux Announces Very Competitive Pricing

Furthering their revolution of lighting, Hexolux announced a remarkably competitive price on the Xum7 120 Watt LED Fresnel of only $1785.  The light became the favorite product of many attendees at the NAB show this year.  With it’s revolutionary design and stats out preforming LEDs costing much more, many have expressed great anticipation to see the pricing. This will definitely bring many smiles for those waiting for an affordable, remarkably versitile, super-high performance, LED Fresnel light.

Hexolux also revealed a new 80 Watt LED Fresnel light called the Xum7 Indie.  Priced at $1485! It is compatible with all the modules in their ‘Light Artist’s Toolkit’, and has all the features of the 120 Watt Xum7 including CRI of 98.

Another surprise is custom 3 light kits.  You can mix and match different lights, add primes, barn doors, softbox, umbrella and more. Build your ideal kit, smaller and lighter, brighter with little power draw..

Hexolux is now talking orders. Expect shipping in June. To place an order visit  For news and information’s visit their ‘HexoBlog’ at

About Hexolux: Hexolux lights are handcrafted in America of only the finest parts and offer a 2-year warranty, double the industry standard.  For more information visit WWW.HEXOLUX.COM



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