Xum 5 Inch RunGun

  • Brighter than a 650w Tungsten or 200w HMI

  • Cool to the Touch

  • Speedy Setup and Breakdown

  • Absolute Battery Efficiency

Be Ready

The 5 Inch RunGun system was designed from the ground-up for speed, simple battery operation, and exceptionally high output. The result is quick, easy and effective lighting tailored for the constraints of ENG work. It’s an ultra light-weight, compact, all-aluminum design with a brightness greater than a 650w Tungsten or a 200w HMI.

Working without the intense heat of Halogen appreciably changes the mood on set: there’s no risk of igniting curtains, carpet, or exotic birds. It’s easy to rig at 4 pounds, the removable battery mount can be used as a counter balance when boomed as a backlight, and an AC adapter is included.

The 5 inch zoom lens has a very wide range from 11º to 70º. Soft boxes and universal 5 1/8″ speed rings are supported by the lens.

The RunGun is completely interchangeable and compatible with the entire Hexolux line.

Xum 5 Inch LED Fresnel Features:

  • Purest spectrum CineWhite™ High CRI Daylight LED
  • Absolutely flicker-free at any frame rate – ideal for high speed
  • AC / DC power supply
  • DC V-Mount Battery plate (Gold Mount available)
  • Wide zoom range Super Fresnel 11º-70º
  • Constructed of ultra rugged aluminum for very long life
  • DMX dimming, in and thru
  • Runs cool and silent
  • Extreme versatility to create any type of light, from super soft to ultra hard.
  • Equivalent to a 200w HMI or a 650w Tungsten


  • Zooming fresnels
  • Super-soft lights with umbrellas or softboxes
  • High output on-camera lights
  • Boom mounted back-lights
  • Patterns and breakups
  • China balls
  • Tessellated light banks
  • and many others…

We recommend BlueShape batteries.

XUM 5 Inch LED Fresnel Specifications

Color Temperature 5300K
Dimmer Onboard and DMX
Calibrated Dimming F-Stops and Percentage
Power Source AC/DC and DC 11v-24v
Power Consumption 90w
Color Rendering Index 94-98 CRI
Luminous Flux 9500lm
Beam Angle through 5″ Zoom Fresnel 11-70 degrees
Battery Mount V type 14.8v (Gold Mount available)
Outer Dimensions 16” x 9” x 7”
Weight 4 lb.