Introducing the Raden Star.X1

A heat-free Daylight point-source as bright as a 200W HMI, but smaller, lighter and more versatile.

  • No Ballast, the entire light is self contained in one compact form.
  • Only 3 Pounds.
  • Only 5 inches.
  • Use any dimmer.
  • Draws 150W / 1.25A or less if dimmed.

Transforms instantly between:

  • Softbox with instant pop-up.
  • Umbrella of any size for super soft or big throw.
  • Prime lenses for maximum efficiency in a tiny package.
  • Eleven-inch zoom lens from 11º to 60º – very bright – 900FC @ 15ft.

The Star is a very small yet very bright point source with quick attachments to go from soft to hard light, umbrellas, or an eleven-inch Fresnel lens.

The Star is only $895.

Also see the Super-Panel.