D7-frontThis light is the culmination of years of development by myself, and fellow cinematographers striving to create the very best possible light.

‘Best’, meaning:

  1. The most flexible – to save trips to the truck or rental house.
  2. Lightest weight – so we can rig it easier and faster.
  3. Highest output for the power draw – to light with location power or smaller generators.
  4. Cleanest and most uniform and controllable light field – to simply have more usable light to work with.
  5. Highest quality white light – to be a seamless fit among HMI and tungsten sources.

We are striving to leave the limitations of tradition behind, and create a completely new form of lighting instrument. It was born entirely from functional dreams, and took form only as a result of seeking to provide a maximum of functions and transformations in one instrument.


D7-3TeamBy seeking to pack more light into a smaller space, as we compressed the natural circular optics together into groups, they became hexagonal. This way you can create light sources of nearly any size, shape, and brightness.

We wanted to develop the most flexible light source, we devised a way for the light engine be able to move from lens to lens and soft-box to umbrella, and even to a naked point source. We developed the removable light engine ‘Illuminator’ and the very elegant and positive zoom system.

To make the instrument as light-weight as possible we developed a remarkable aluminum exo-chassis that is strong, rugged, and provides optimal function while being easy on the eyes.

The barriers imposed by the high heat of old technologies have vanished. These LEDs are incomparably safer to work with than tungsten or HMI, therefore much faster to set up, and much easier on the subjects being lit.

We no longer have to interrupt production to cool down the set, or mop the sweat off anyone’s brow. This will likely increase creative flow, allowing us to remain focused without being super heated.

Until you see these lights in person, you will not appreciate what a big change they bring. The daylight of the Hexolux D7 looks natural, and the big bright beam stays cool. The wide focusing range and the versatility of the removable Illuminator and accessories make for an extremely inspiring tool for sculpting light just right.


D7The thermal management system is state of the art even when compared to aerospace standards. We developed this as a key component to keep the size and weight to an absolute minimum. As a result the light is much smaller, and weighs only 6 pounds, a fraction of any comparable LED with this level of light output. The small Illuminator is a key factor in making the most versatile instrument.

We hope our passion to create better lights will benefit and inspire other cinematographers, photographers, and light artists.