Your Old Fresnels

In ten seconds your upgraded Fresnel will:

    • only draw 150 watts
    • be brighter than a new Mole 200W LED Fresnel
    • be brighter than the stock Tungsten fixture
    • cast no heat on the subject
    • dim without color shift on the same dimmers you are using now
    • be the highest quality  LED Fresnel available

    • will typically save you well over $1000 in the first year
    • All for 1/4 the installed cost of any comparable LED.


Optional Fresnel Lens Upgrade:

Aspheric Diffractive Plano Convex Lens Design

Much brighter than the old glass lens, and projects a beautifully uniform light field.

Beam Angle Focusing Range: 15º – 70º

Ask any questions you like on this new product.

Get a Free Demo Unit Now:

  • Remove the Halogen lamp.

  • Insert the LED Lamp.

  • Its just a lamp change!

Daylight LED Fresnel Instruments at Full-Spot at 10ft:

EGT LED 150W Lamp – in legacy Fresnel: 580FC
Mole™ 200w LED Fresnel 450FC (published data)
Mole™ 150w LED Fresnel 380FC (published data)

Optional Lens Upgrade:

Get even more light out of your old 1K instrument.
A much more even and usable light field.
Greater focusing range.


New EGT LED simply plugs in.
Exactly the same as the old EGT halogen lamp.
A one-second upgrade.


Focusing same as before.
With optional lens upgrade,
the focus is an even greater range.

Directly ReplacesEGT 1000W Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Mounting BaseG22 – Medium Bi-Post Base
Power150W / 1.2A
Accepts 95-150V (240V version coming in September)
DimmingFull range dimming on your existing dimmers.
Color QualityDaylight Version: 95 CRI / 96 CQS / 96 TLCI
Tungsten Version: 98 CRI / 97 CQS / 98 TLCI
Flicker Free