ReLamp 1K LED


Lens Upgrade (Optional):

Get more light output.
Smoother light field.
Wider focusing range.


ReLamp LED simply plugs in exactly the same as the old EGT halogen lamp.


Focusing same as before.

Revive Your Studio

ReLamp 1K LED

The ideal way to upgrade to LED

    • No Down-Time: Relamp your studio from Halogen to LED instantly
    • Ultra-High Quality: 98CRI – matches Tungsten or Daylight without correction
    • Full-range dimming on your existing AC Dimmers – without color shift!
    • Flicker-Free: even when dimmed down.
    • Safe: no burns, no fire hazard, does not explode like Halogen
    • No heat on subject or talent
    • Environmentally Conscious: Easiest way to make your business sustainable.
    • Reliable: Fully self-protected for a very long life, ongoing warranty available.
    • ROI: A typical TV studio saves thousands beyond the initial cost within the first year!
    • 1/4 the cost of comparable 1k LED Fresnels.

Brighter than Mole 1000W with Optional Fresnel Lens Upgrade:

  • Brighter! Using our Super Lens, the 150W ReLamp 1K LED makes the Mole Baby brighter than the Mole Baby using a 1000W Halogen and the old glass lens.

If you add our Aspheric Diffractive Plano-Convex Lens to your Fresnel, you can increase the output, project a more uniform light field, and get a greater focusing range.

Typical Focusing Range: 15º – 70º

Daylight LED Fresnels at Full-Spot at 10ft:

EGT LED 150W Lamp in legacy Fresnel: 580FC
Mole™ 200w LED Fresnel 450FC (published data)
Mole™ 150w LED Fresnel 380FC (published data)
Mole Baby Tungsten Halogen EGT 1000W (500FC)
  • Remove the lamp & reflector.

  • Insert the LED Lamp.

  • Now you have an LED Fresnel!

  • Compare

    Comparison of 1000W Tungsten Halogen to 150W ReLamp Tungsten LED, can you determine which is which?

  • No Heat on Subject

    Thermal imaging shows clearly that the Halogen is on the left. It is too hot to touch, and is projecting a hot spot (large pink area) on the wall 10ft away. The ReLamp LED projects no heat on the subject.

  • Radiant Heat

    The Halogen lamp quickly heats up the ceiling above the instrument, and the rest of the room.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Directly Replaces EGT 1000W Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Mounting Base G22 – Medium Bi-Post Base
Power 150W / 1.2A
Accepts 90-250V
Dimming Full range dimming on your existing AC dimmers.
Color Quality Daylight Version: 93 CRI / 94 CQS / 95 TLCI
Tungsten Version: 96 CRI / 96 CQS / 96 TLCI
Weight 1lb
Fuse 3A
Flicker Free Always

CineWhite™ – Spectral Quality

CineWhite™ solves the color-rendering dilemmas most cinematographers associate with LEDs. With a smooth, continuous spectral distribution, it produces pure white on film and digital cameras and matches existing tungsten sources. You will get no surprises.  Gels look just right, everything looks just right.

CineWhite tungsten or daylight renders without surprises on faces, makeup, unusual fabrics, all the subtleties show up as expected, due to the even continuous spectrum. This is not possible with RGB LEDs

SOLID STATE LIGHTING REPORTThe Academy illustrated that the color rendering of many LED fixtures is quite different from tungsten sources.
We developed the CineWhite Illuminators to practically eliminate these differences and provide the highest quality color rendering in the industry. Note the R9 and R15 results which most manufacturers omit. These are critical to accurate skin tones and predictable makeup rendering.

CineWhite Tungsten

 CRI Measurement CRI R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15
Hexolux CineWhite™ Tungsten 98 99 99.4 97.9 97.7 97.7 96.9 97 96.4 93.6 98.3 97.9 80.8 99.6 98 98


CineWhite Daylight

CineWhite Daylight

 CRI Measurement CRI R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15
Hexolux CineWhite™ Daylight 94 93.8 96.2 95.4 92.5 92.4 91.8 96 91.1 76.7 89 91.9 70.7 94.9 97.4 93.3

Below is the TLCI for the CineWhite Daylight LED:

For Arri 1K Plus, Arri T1, Strand, Colortran.

For Arri ST1, Mole Baby, De Sisti.