No Gloves,
No Sweat,
No Compromise.

The LUX Illuminator is a leap in light output per watt, no heat on subject, silent operation, great color rendition, absolutely flicker free, and ultra light-weight.

Full-spectrum white – the highest spectral quality in the industry: CineWhite.

The Heart of the Toolkit.

  • Rugged all-aluminum construction
  • Beautifully pure, smooth beam quality
  • Highly controllable and shapable
  • F-stop dimming™ aka digital-scrim™
  • Battery power from camera batteries
  • Accepts two umbrellas directly
  • More light / less power & air conditioning

6 lights in 1

The Illuminator fits into each of the surrounding lenses and modifiers.6in1-v2

 With modules to precisely vary every aspect of the light,

your artistry is finally unbounded.

User Interface Instructions: