Introducing a better way to light.

Now with SoftSpot, you can electronically transform a spot light into a soft light just by turning a knob or by DMX remote. SoftSpot is the first light with shadow control. Now the natural tradeoff of soft or hard light is at your fingertips.

With more throw than any competing technology, the SoftSpot is an ideal light for outdoor location shooting and large area studio setups. For studios looking for a big light in a small package, this is a whole new category. The remarkable flexibility of remote control over diffusion means you can have any setup you like at the tip of your finger.

For location shooting it is the easiest way to compete with the sun. It can run on your camera batteries. Now you can shoot longer with more light. These lights are ultra-rugged, and weather proof.

The long BAR shape allows the compact light to cast soft shadows like a much larger source. At over 120lm/w it is the most efficient way to light large areas. As a spot light it is very directional with amazing throw, then gradually dial in diffusion, and as a large soft source it is the most flattering light for its size.

Our formal introduction for SoftSpot on this website will be after Cine Gear in mid June. Please contact us with any questions.