Hexolux System

Be Realistic

High CRI CineWhite LEDs and PureBeam™ technology

Our CineWhite LEDs eliminate all color-rendering concerns associated with other LED sources. Ultra-high 98 CRI LEDs mix with traditional light sources and get great results – naturally. It’s light with the purity of the sun.

PureBeam is a breakthrough in optical path engineering allowing unparalleled fresnel precision. Project a beautiful, uniform circle of light for realistic movement on set, or light uniform surfaces like green-screens with ease.

Professional Battery Capability

The Xum LED Fresnel is the brightest fresnel on one camera battery. With a volt-meter built into the light, you can avoid popping batteries with limits and set a flashing visual alarm to warn if a battery is running low. This means reliable battery-based production – without surprises.

Optimized Tesselation

Tessellate for more light output – the hexagonal lens shape makes a big seamless light source of any size. This has excellent light density and can fit the role of any brighter fixture – then easily transition into many light sources for a full lighting setup.

Shape-Shifting Design

Purchase separately, or together as a fixture-kit. Upgrade anything, anytime.

The Hexolux series evolves to suit your needs. Add or subtract parts, and mount it from almost any surface with standard 1/4-20 rigging – there’s a form for every function.

We built in support for every industry standard we could: standard barn doors and soft-box rings, a twist-locking photo light mount, two friction locking umbrella holes, and a custom machined spud for versatile mounting.

f-Stop Dimming

Plan and set light output in a more intuitive way. Dim by f-Stops to match logarithmic light scales used in cameras and light meters. Supporting this light measurement for the first time in an instrument means the light can speak the same language as the DP and Gaffer.

We love lighting.

We, Visionsmith, created these lights for people like us. Light that break with tradition to enable the next era of cinematography.

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